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Non-Thermal Atmospheric Plasma Technology


At the request of Reverse Ionizer (RI), RTS also designed and developed a disinfection system for use in existing and new evaporative cooling towers that uses non-thermal plasma discharges that denature bacteria, parasites, and viruses to kill biological and organic contaminants, including Legionella.

RADAR Life Detection System for Search and Rescue

Radar Stuff.jpg

RTS has teamed with George Mason University to design an Improved, highly accurate life detection system for search and rescue operations through proprietary Radio Frequency (RF) Radar sensor and systems, portable enough to be used with unmanned mobile robots and drones.  The radar detection system will assist first responders in saving lives in both civilian and military operations.

Electromagnetic Physical Water Treatment System


At the request of Reverse Ionizer (RI), we designed and produced a new broadband electromagnetic generator and probes to treat the calcite scale within the pipes of cooling tower systems, without using dangerous, expensive chemicals

RTS holds several US patents on the use of Lorentz’s force to treat calcite scale in cooling tower feedwater.

Plasma and UV Drinking Water Purification System


RTS developed and designed a water purification and biological contaminant inactivation system that generates potable water on-site and on-demand, eliminating bacteria, viruses and parasites in rain water, wells, lakes, rivers, and groundwater, in any location, using universal power, including on-site generators, solar power, and even vehicle power.  The system can generate up to 120 gallons per hour (GPH), with a potential to produce higher volumes if needed.

Unbounded Liquid Nitrate Fertilizer Generator


Our client xVirity’s liquid nitrate fertilizer is the product of an RTS design using an innovative technology that produces nitrate fertilizer that increases agricultural efficiency and performance with a minimal carbon footprint, using only water, the air we breathe, and electricity.

On-site/On-demand Tabletop Sanitizer Producer


RTS is partnering with Maximum Engineering to jointly develop an on-site/on-demand tabletop device to produce hypochlorous acid using only water and common table salt, to kill viruses including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and biological contaminants such as bacteria and parasites.  The device can be powered from any electrical outlet, an automobile power source, or a portable generator.  The electrolyzer cell is depicted here.

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