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Rhein Tech Systems (RTS) is a division of Rhein Tech Laboratories, Inc.  (founded in 1988).   RTS was launched as division in 2010 with the objective of providing quality electronic product design and engineering services to customers in the high-tech industry.  The company’s early electronic product design services focused on ????, system/hardware design, embedded software development, and ????.  RTS quickly grew to include prominent international clients across the telecommunications, consumer electronics, aerospace, and automotive industries.

Product development and electromagnetic engineering are in our DNA.  We help our clients develop, customize, produce, commercialize, enhance, and maintain their products.

Due to our unique understanding of semiconductors, hardware standards, wireless standards, connectivity, national and international electromagnetic interference (EMI), and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) rules, regulations, and standards, we are positioned to support our clients in developing and sustaining their product line throughout its life cycle.

Our client support extends far beyond the product itself.  We provide unparalleled value in every aspect of the product development process, from concept to launch, and beyond; new product idea, re-design, or end-of-life, we’re invested in our clients’ success.

Looking to the future, RTS understands the importance of being able to offer customers a competitive advantage by providing innovative electronic design services. As such, the RTS team is committed to constantly developing its expertise in order to meet the new challenges facing the electronics and semiconductor industries and bring true added value to all customer projects.

To find out more about RTS experience providing electronic product design and engineering services, please get in touch with our team.

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